My Muckle Mitts pattern features an “afterthought” thumb, the kind of thumb often employed in folk knitting. The beauty of it, is you can keep on knitting in your colorwork pattern with hardly any interruption. Just work a few stitches on waste yarn, slip them back to the left hand needle and continue on your merry way.

When you’re finished with the mitt, you pick up those stitches above and below the waste yarn and knit the thumb.

So lets lake it step by step, by knitting the stitches which will later become the base of the thumb, onto our waste yarn.

1. We knit our mitt through round 11 on the chart. When the round is complete, take your waste yarn and get it into position.

2. Then before we begin round 12, we knit the first 8 stitches onto the waste yarn like so.

3. Ok now just slip those 8 stitches of waste yarn back onto the left hand needle.

4. Now you knit round 12 – right into the waste yarn – and continue knitting the rest of the mitt.

Easy Peasy Pudding and Pie!

Stay tuned…tomorrow we’ll pick up stitches and knit the thumb.

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