Today sign ups begin for Knit Stars 4.0: Alpaca My Bag 🌟

It’s the world’s first and only, all-online, multi-star knitting (and crochet) festival! 🙌

  • Learn from some of the most skilled knit designers in the world with Knit Stars 4.0: Alpaca My Bag.
  • Featuring breathtaking videos from Peru, courses from 10 expert knitters and crocheters, and exclusive kits only available when you join the course.
  • Visit Manos del Uruguay in Uruguay.
  • Find out how here!

Those who know me know that I love traveling, especially when I’m traveling to learn new-to-me knitting techniques. I was lucky to visit Peru on a number of occasions where I learned so very much. This new season of Knit Stars should offer some great armchair travel for those of us hankering to visit themselves. I know I want a return visit, and since I can’t go anytime soon I’m looking forward to watching Knit Stars 4.0.

Above, images from my own past trips to Peru, learning from the masters.

You can also sign up for my Knit Stars Workshop from Knit Stars 3.0. I teach stranded knitting and what makes Fair Isle knitting special.

Sign up for Knit Stars 3.0  and all the other seasons!

Mary Jane Mucklestone Knit Stars 3.0