On Christmas Eve, the wonderful Kate Davies offered a free gift to her loyal readers. A Muff! I was flattered to find in my honor! A Mucklemuff!  Imagine! She used pattern motif #172 from my book 200 Fair Isle Motifs. She used the book just as it should be used, as a jumping off point for her own ideas….she took the allover arrangement and lengthened it…but after you read this run over an read what she has to say, the patten is free for a couple more days.

I imagined that I’d get my little gift to you my dear readers on New Year’s Day, but all I could manage was the knitting and the pictures…the rest took me a bit but we’re all good to go now! I also used pattern motif #172 but I flipped it a little to make a mirror image. I chose fingerless mitts because my hands are always cold in Seattle, but full mittens are just too hot. Fingerless mitts are just the ticket. I knit the crazy bright ones first, I was inspired by the mounds of Tulips for sale at the Pike Place Market.   A burst of spring in the dead of winter!

Understanding that I don’t always feel like being that cheerful or conspicuous, I dug through my stash and came up with the Red-Violet ones, Rødlilla  in Norwegian. I’ve been in a Norwegian mood, spending the winter in Seattle, taking nips of Linie Aquavitt to keep the damp at bay. So I used Dale of Norway Heilo and Falk both.

I’ve been spending time with my little sister which has been lots and lots of fun. She is a vibrant glowing good natured being,  and always willing to be a model on the spur of the moment! You’d never know her hands were covered with paint 20 minutes before we took the pictures. She chose the colors for the third pair, diving into my stash and choosing natural and a pale chartreuse. Both yarns are Classic Elite; Princess and Inca Alpaca. They compliment each other, the alpaca giving the green a slighty seaweedy look.

I’m especially happy how all the mitts look great with the camel hair coat I found for my mom. They each lend a totally different feel to it.

So download the pattern here and attack that stash of yours!

Free until January 16th,  2012!