In the shop! One of the nice things about working with Veronik Avery is the great deal she offers designers. Our designs are featured in her wonderfully produced mini-magazine St. Denis, Super Soul Cardigan was featured in the Premier Issue, and then, after 6 months we get to have them for ourselves.

Super Soul is a favorite of mine, I can’t wait to get the actual garment back because I know it will be like an old friend. When I was in high school, I had a big bulky sweater I bought in the central market in Guadalajara Mexico. I loved that sweater and wore it like a coat, day in and day out for a couple of years. I remember one of the mean girls who smoked on “the stairs” shouted “you must really like that sweater, you never take it off”. I was still wearing it when I went to school in London for a year, the kids at my home-stay  called it my “Starsky Sweater” since was the same genre of sweater as in the hit TV series, Starsky’s signature fashion item. Marylin Monroe also famously wore one, and nothing else!

Super Soul is a toned down version of my beloved wrap sweater, less bulky, more slimming with a simple collar suitable for indoors as well as out.  I chose a beautiful dark brown called Espresso, since I’ll wear it a lot and it won’t show the grime of obsessive use. But it would look nice in other colors and St Denis Yarns have a wonderful color palette, how about Chalk Blue with  Blue Eggshell? Or look at juliusdbunny’s version on Ravelry, gorgeous in natural tones. Since Nordique gives such a crisp texture, I choose “spot stitch” for the background, which is a lively and fun stitch to knit. Be sure to notice the super secret pockets, hidden behind the color work, which was itself inspired by Turkish embroidery. The turquoise color was chosen for protection, and because it is scrumptious combined with the rich brown. I’ve got to finish the knitted belt which I put aside when it was clear it wouldn’t make the original deadline, belts do take a long time I’m afraid! But come to think of it, I’ve got a sweet woven belt I got in Peru which might just be the ticket.

All proceeds from Super Soul Cardigan will go to Beth Collins of Unique One, throughout May & June see below.