North Coast Mitts



When knitting content is missing it is usually because what I’m working on has to remain a secret. Today I unveil one such project – North Coast Fingerless Mitts! I was asked by editor extraordinaire Tanis Grey if I would design a quick knit for an alpaca yarn company – Our Back 40 – that debuts this weekend at Vogue Knitting Live New York. You’ve still got a little time to see them in person – the marketplace is open until 4pm Sunday – at the String Yarn booths 807, 809, 811, and 813.

The yarn Ne Plus Ultra worsted weight alpaca is sooooooo soft!
From the Our Back 40 website:

Made from alpaca fleece with microns of less than 18.0, this yarn will re-define your very idea of alpaca. You’ll find that the cabled-style spin creates a yarn that becomes softer and softer with work and wear, without losing its integrity over time.In other words, it’s perfect for the treasures you will create with it. This yarn will demonstrate more memory than traditional alpaca yarns made with coarser fiber…

I especially like that it is an all American product, the fiber is sourced from small growers all over the US ( see a list here ) and spun at a small artisanal mill.

The debut pattern collection for Our Back 40
includes designs by Tanis Gray, Susan B. Anderson, Elspeth Kursh, Jessica Dekker, Ann Weaver, and Angela Hahn. A gorgeous collection that really shows off the exquisite yarn.

The North Coast Fingerless Mitts are fun and quick to knit. An easy to memorize Scandinavian pattern motif,  knit from the fingers up to the wrists, making it easy to try on and stop when you’ve got enough of your arms covered. I loved the yarn so much I didn’t want to stop knitting, I may have gone a little overboard, so the mitts use just about all the yarn in the kit – no waste! I suggest starting both at the same time so you’ll be sure you have enough yarn. I think they’d be cute stopping just at the wristbone.

I knit them on size 5 needles at 6 stitches to the inch. They would be easy to size up or down by changing gauge by changing needle size, just keep an eye on yarn amounts. The color of the yarn is amazing in person – I used Earth and Bone. Nice stitch definition, soft to work with, I imagine the yarn will just get softer. I really want a pair for myself! I need a pair!

The North Coast Fingerless Mitts Kit is a worthwhile purchase, treat yourself or make an incredible gift!

More information is on the North Coast Fingerless Mitts Ravelry page.