Last we met, we were wandering the coast of Maine looking for locations….next – a photoshoot occurred with a fantastic team! I can’t show you pictures because I didn’t have a moment to take any. Can you imagine? Not. One. Picture…sigh…But here’s a treat, Sophie on the scouting trip enjoying Owl’s Head. The shoot was for my book Fair Isle Style which will be out in Fall 2013, featuring a passel of talented designers!

3 days later found me on Cape Cod for the Berroco Spring 2013 shoot. I love working for Norah Gaughn. I love being part of the wonderful team she puts together. We have a lot of fun. The designs are SO GREAT! I’m usually not thrilled by spring/summer knits…I can take them or leave them. This time…wow. I just wanted to STOP EVERYTHING and knit. Really. And my favorite yarn? An acrylic blend. I know. But see if you don’t like it too. BERROCO VINTAGE. It comes in DK too. In these pictures I’ve had to blur out the knits…you’ll have to wait till next spring to see them.

That beautiful girl, alone on a windswept beach….is actually surrounded – make-up artist dashing in to touch up, stylist -that’s me- going in to tape or tug a garment, the designer making sure the item is looking it’s best, and a bunch of assistants each with their own special job to do, especially Amanda, who keeps it all together!

That lovely garden scene… pouring rain!

Sometimes at the end of the day, we get to eat the props!