I’ve had so much unexpected travel this year, I’m still struggling to catch up and tell all. So I’m offering another mosaic of images…a picture worth 1,000 words right?

I only wish I took more pictures.

The students! The tutors! The Scottish scenery!

I managed a few “out takes” from my “Styling Your Knits” classes.  I captured Deb Stoller when she kindly agreed to model, and Ann Kingston as she took part in the Sheep to Shawl world record breaking attempt.  I got Jeni to take my picture with Jared and Nancy Bush …but where are my fan pictures of  Deb Robson, Annie Modesitt, Wooly Wormhead, Lucy Neatby, Nancy Marchant, Norah Gaughn, Liz Lovik, Jon Dun and Donna Druchunas? Where are my images of all the knitters knitting everywhere? And the group shot of the Portuguese Knitters? Where are my sunset images of the nearby village of Bridge of Allen and the fun I had there?…I should follow my own advice…write a list of  shots you need, check the list….sigh