ShetlandSheep - 2

Wowee! I’m on two podcasts this week.

Later today I’ll be on Ashley Yousling’s wonderful Woolful podcast. She’s a Pacific Northwest girl too, who has moved back, this time to Idaho, retreating from a high powered city life in San Francisco to the joys and challenges of starting a sheep ranch in Northern Idaho. She has such an interesting story.

I was a little nervous because each one of her episodes begin with a monologue of sorts. Everyone she has on the show is thoughtful and eloquent. I had absolutely no idea what to say…luckily Ashley asks leading questions so there won’t be dead air as I feared. Thank goodness. The result is I have no idea what I talked about! So we can all be surprised together.

Tune in to Woolful Podcast #50 – look at that! A milestone โ€“ a golden podcast number 50!
Plus today is my daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Tomorrow, March 3rd I’ll be on Marley Bird‘s podcast Yarn Thing. She’s got prizes and other excitement. This one is live. Yikes! Noon eastern time, 10am Mountain Time…the rest of you have to figure it out! A little bird told me there might be a free Stopover pattern up for grabs!