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Camden Cowl – For the Masses!

Wed 19 Nov 2014 09:11am


Here’s a cowl that I wear all the time. I was not a believer in cowls for a long time. I know crazy right? Well that changed big time when I started wearing this one. In the summer no less. Really. I do live in Maine remember. As nutty as it seems, towards the end of a day spent wearing tank tops, if I felt a slight dip in the temperature, but it was still too hot for sleeves, I’d put on this baby and feel perfect. And who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Fall rolled around and I found myself grabbing my Camden Cowl over and over again. Look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see it crop up now and then.

I designed it for Vogue Knitting Destination Experience – Camden Maine as a quick knit that serves as simple introduction to stranded colorwork. We used Organic Washable Wool DK from local yarn company Swan’s Island. It is astonishingly soft, no worries about wearing it next to sensitive skin. It almost feels like cotton. So there you go – an excellent choice to knit during Wovember, for those who think they don’t like wool.

Another thing I had reservations about with a stranded colorwork cowl was the idea of a “right side” and a “wrong side”. But truly, on the Camden Cowl, the inside is just as pretty as the outside

The color range of Swan’s Island Washable Wool Collection, created my friend Dyemaster Jackie Ottino Graf, is subtle and gorgeous, you can choose almost any two and have success with this graphic knit.

So go for it! Now that it’s really winter in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere – you’ve got good reason. And if you’re down-under, come on up for a visit, we’ll go around the corner for coffee and knit a little.

Camden Cowl in my Ravelry Shop



1984 Beanie for Wovember

Thu 13 Nov 2014 05:11pm

Extra big wool yarn for Wovember!!! Yes! From Wool And The Gang – those fashion forward makers of gigantic WOOL yarn. I mean…CRAZY SEXY WOOL…

I made the 1984 beanie in time for Halloween… and I’ve been admiring it all of Wovember perched upon my dress form, which she is very happy about. She’s been wondering where she was, and now she can see. I thought my perfect model for this beanie (you know who you are) would be visiting sooner so I’d have a fashiony photo for you… but I just could not wait…and so it will now be a gift for her for next month’s holiday season. Because…as you know…EYEBALLS ARE NOT JUST FOR HALLOWEEN. They are a year round sort of thing. Always welcome. Always enjoyable and always to be admired.

The 1984 Beanie comes ready made or as a kit for you to make your own, which I’m guessing you’d like to do. It comes with wool yarn, the pattern and a tapestry needle. You just need to have some broomsticks US17 (12mm) needles which you can get from Wool And The Gang too.

OK – I had a lot of fun knitting this even though I usually use much smaller needles and I usually knit in the round. Which I would have done if I had big enough circular needles, do they even come that large in hat-size? But I couldn’t wait. Too tempting.  That kit came in the mail and I had the hat done the very next day. Like I said. Fun quick knit. Just in time.



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North Coast Mitts Go Public!

Thu 06 Nov 2014 06:11pm

North Coast Mitts

At long last the stand-alone pattern for North Coast Fingerless Mitts is available for all on Ravelry. They were originally designed for Our Back 40, purveyors of fine domestic alpaca yarns, as a kit which is still available.

Since this is WOVEMBER I decided to make a pair using sheep wool, because that is what Wovember is all about. Sheep wool. Alpaca isn’t wool, it is….alpaca. I decided to use Jani’s yarn, Starcroft Fiber Mill Nash Island Light named after the lighthouse not the weight, it is light worsted weight. I showed you the sheep in the last post (you can meet Jani there too, and hear about our Rhinebeck Sweaters).

What colors to choose. I have a lot of them. I chose Sea Glass, a pale turquoise and Raven, a black-navy. Beautiful….But in the morning, I realized that another pair of mitts that will be released later this month are those exact same colors, kind of sort of… and I thought, people will think I have no imagination and always choose the same colors…which might have just been an excuse I used to try another colorway. I’ve been wanting to use two colors that are closer in value…Whelk, which is purple which I usually hate…you know what I always say, get out of your comfort zone…but I like this purple, it leans towards red-violet and it looks smashing with the Raven. I also wanted to swap positions of the lighter color and the darker one. I really like how it is coming along.

Ok. I haven’t finished. Either pair. I would have had at least a single mitt done if I hadn’t changed my mind…but then you couldn’t see both colorways…maybe I’ll try Sea Glass and Whelk together….hahahaha… I’ll never finish a pair!

So….to compensate I offer you a sneak preview of a Travel Tale… The project bag from the cutest yarn shop in PARIS – and all of France I’m betting – L’Oisive Thé et Tricot.


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Wovember 2014!

Sat 01 Nov 2014 04:11pm

Nash Island Sheep

Happy Wovember! Wovember is a yearly celebration of the wonders of wool during the month of November. There are many ways to participate! Visit the official WOVEMBER Website, to learn all about it. There will be interesting wool-centric articles all month long. My friend Jeni Reid photographer, knitter, spinner and all round wool appreciator, is curating “Fleece in Focus” a photo series, posting a daily picture of wonderful woolliness for our wooly needs.

Above are some of my favorite sheep of all. They live on Nash Island Maine, all by themselves all year, except for lambing and sheering times when they tolerate humans for a short bit. Their wool goes to Jani Estell, who spins it up into scrumptious yarn at her Starcroft Fiber Mill. Watch Fiber Trek TV’s spot which features Jani telling all about her wool yarn and I share the story of my sweater Jenny at the Fair from Ysolda Teague’s Rhinebeck Sweater book, which uses Jani’s yarn. Coincidentally the Scottish friend I mention, is in fact Jeni Reid. Double Jenny/Jeni fun! I’ve been a little reluctant to post this since I look a billion wrinkly years old…it was captured during one of the most stressful times of my life and it shows…ah well… onward and upward!


Hooray for Wovember!