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Up and not quite at-em!

Tue 17 May 2016 12:05pm

nash 24

Thank you to everyone who helped me get well! All your kind wishes really helped my recovery. I’m much much better. I can actually read! I can walk without having to take a nap right afterwards, or sleep the entire next day.

I’m really sorry about having to cancel so many events. I’m still very nervous about having a re-lapse, so I have to take it very easy. If I get too tired, or worn out I’ll have to look at my schedule and see if I am up to all my obligations. I know now, it is better to bow out if I’m feeling ill. I think that was the shocker for me, I didn’t really feel ill, until I was totally sick. I hope I’ve learned to notice the warning signs.

I’m going to try and blog a little so you know I’m not dead. Today is a celebration of boots! These were taken a couple of years ago at the annual sheep round-up and shearing on Nash Island Maine. The sheep are the ones that grow the fleece for Nash Island Light by Starcroft Fiber Mill, the yarn I used for my lace up pullover Nash Island.



NASHboots9NASHboots10_NashIslandBoots - 1



In action!
RoundUp_NashIsland - 1


Why So Quiet MJ?

Wed 13 Apr 2016 11:04am

I have been quiet for a little while. You must think that I am here….

IcelandHike - 1

Or here….

ShetlandSwim - 1

Or if you follow me on Instagram, you know I was here…

FloridaToes - 1

Unfortunately, I have not been to any of those places recently (well except for the last photo) — I have unfortunately caught the plague!! Well, pneumonia. In both lungs. With complications.

Not very glamorous.

I’ve been prescribed rest… a ton of rest. I’m on the mend, so please do not worry.

But if I am not responding to your Ravelry messages or emails, or I’ve had to cancel classes — this is why.

I’ll be back, soon, with new designs, and of course, new photos from my adventures.


See you on the InterWebs!



Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques – New Craftsy Class

Tue 12 Apr 2016 12:04pm

titleCard_10624Hey, thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway for my new class. The winner was randomly selected by Craftsy and I’ve emailed the winner a link to receive the class. I’m thrilled that so many of you entered!

My new class Modern Stranded Colorwork has officially launched! So exciting!

Click here to purchase Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques at 50% off! 

Click here for the Modern Colorwork Cowl Kit from Craftsy at 20% off!


This is my second Craftsy class, sort of a prequel to my first class The Fair Isle Vest: Stranded and Steeked  (you can get this class for 50% off now too!).

Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques is an introduction to stranded colorwork, using traditional motifs with a modern sensibility. The techniques are essentially the same, but the approach is fresh! We learn by knitting a skill-building cowl, beginning with a simple diagonal stripe pattern and moving slowly through progressively more complex pattern motifs and finishing up with the somewhat challenging corrugated ribbing! I think you’ll like the way the class is set up, six lessons with detailed information presented at a comfortable pace making it easy for you to succeed! Though aimed at beginning colorwork knitters, there’s lots of information that even experienced knitters will appreciate.

We’ll cover

  • Casting on and ribbing in the round
  • Reading Charts
  • Stranding in the round
  • Introducing a new color
  • Yarn dominance
  • Understanding floats
  • Proper tension
  • Color choices and the importance of value
  • Correcting simple mistakes
  • Finishing
  • Inspiration for future projects

I had a great time filming this class in Colorado. Wow what a gorgeous place! Craftsy has an amazing studio with many classes filming simultaneously. It was fun to meet the other teachers, we rode together to the studio each day. Sweet Danica the make-up artist is the best, part cheerleader part psychologist, putting you at ease first thing in the morning chasing the jitters away! My producer Evan, was amazing – I could not have done it without him and his great crew. These folks know about film and they know about knitting too! It was a great experience.

Watch the video trailer for the class and see what you think! I hope you’ll join me!


All of the links to the class are provided to me by Craftsy. They are affiliate links so I get a wee credit when you go through these links on my blog. Thank you if you click through here, I really appreciate it.

 Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques 50% off!

The Fair Isle Vest: Stranded and Steeked 50% off!

I hope you’ll consider joining the class! See you there!


photo: courtesy of Craftsy


One Day Giveaway!!!

Sun 10 Apr 2016 02:04pm


I’m having a one day giveaway for my brand new class. It’s called Modern Stranded Colorwork Techniques. It will be launching very soon!

Click here to enter to win my new class Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques for free!

Tomorrow the winner will be randomly selected by Craftsy. Craftsy will contact the winner who will get the class for free! Good luck!

I’ll be announcing the class launch soon and give you more details about what we’ll be learning. I am so excited about this class – I hope you will be too!

Good Luck!