It may be cold and blustery outside but inside we’re looking ahead to the fun we’ll be having at Madrona Winter Retreat in Tacoma Washington, February 13 -16. The FIFTEENTH annual retreat – the grandmama of all Fiber Events! I feel quite honored to be included in the line up.


So if you’re in the neighborhood, there are some classes still open.

Thursday the 13th is Fresh Fair Isle, one of my favorite and most rewarding classes to teach.

Friday the 14, Valentine’s Day is Adding and Inventing Colorwork Patterns a great day for exploration and discovery… we can sneak hearts in everywhere if we like!

Saturday the 15th is Scandinavian Colorwork in the afternoon…fun things to learn!

Sunday the 16th is Andean Intarsia, we’ll have an intense but rewarding day – we’ll feel like geniuses!


This year they’re having mini classes too, mini in class size and length, so you can squeeze in a bunch! I’m teaching two.


Before I leaving Maine I’ve managed to take some hikes when the weather cooperates.

IMG_5228 IMG_5262

This is Ocean Lookout, on the left looking out above Camden Maine, seeing the coast and some islands in Penobscot Bay. On the right, my friend Emily and I – the Fair Isle Sisters! Partners in hiking and knitting – we’re on top of Bald Rock on a day so clear we could see forever.

It was safe to venture out, my work in good hands, as James was taking care of business at home, with everything under control.


Hope to see you soon!