I’m thankful that I’ve been lucky enough to make a career out of my love of textiles particularly knitting. I’ve been able to meet and make friends with so many of my long-time idols and many many new rising stars of the knitting universe! And I’ve been lucky to travel literally to the ends of the earth to teach and share what I’ve learned about knitting. I’m writing this post from Buenos Aires, in a cafe while it pours rain outside.

In this picture, I am giddy and tongue tied, meeting Barbara Walker. She is thinking, oh god, another of these vapid fan-girl-knitters. I met Barbara Walker while I was teaching at Interweave Knitting Lab in Manchester New Hampshire this fall, where she gave a great keynote speech. Here are the notes I took:

Does not wear wool
Entertained by knitting Barbie clothing
Must be precise with Barbie bosom shaping
Knits doll clothes top down
Heads stay on
Not just Barbie: Superman, Cher, Brooke Shields dolls
Barbie is a sexy flake and so are her costumes
Prefers plastic needles
Partied her way through college
Bright young cub reporter
Small stash
Says not good at jokes
Walked thru blizzards to school
Was a waitress
Married a scientist
Designed a tarot deck
Likes spiders

If you have the chance to attend Knitting Lab in Manchester, do it! It is a twin-treat for fiber and food. Manchester has a great variety of really good restaurants all within walking distance of the venue. The marketplace is just the right size in my opinion, small, manageable and jam-packed with great stuff, lots of it local. Yay for shopping local!

Happy Thanksgiving!