I got a treat in the mail today, wool from one of the most remote, permanently inhabited islands in the UK, Foula, one of the Shetland Islands. The sheep on Foula are the least fussed with flock, living in isolation for a very long time, so their wool is probably the most like that of the original ancient Shetland breed of sheep.

The natural colors are beautiful, I got 2 balls of mioget and one ball of fawn. I intend to make a pair if Muckle Mitts so I can enjoy a good view of the yarn all winter! It feels surprisingly soft, which I was not expecting. Because the wool comes from such a small flock, several colors were sold out. I think that just adds to the charm. It seems pretty amazing that the wool can be ordered at all, and so lovely to receive with a handwritten thank you note.

It was easy to purchase online from the shepherds Magnus and Justyna Holburn who raise the sheep that grow the wool. Visit their website Foula Wool to learn more about it and to order. Don’t miss scrolling through the gorgeous sheep portraits taken by Magnus.

I hope to visit sometime, the ferry runs twice a week in the winter and 3 times a week in the summer. You’ve got to stay overnight. There’s good hiking with spectacular scenery and loads of birds to see. Foula means bird island in Old Norse. Sounds like an adventure I need to take!

Last summer, our group took a walk from the top of Sandness Hill, skirting the coast down to the beach at Deepdale and had spectacular views of Foula.





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Learn more about Foula here!