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Tue 26 May 2015 06:05pm

Joj & Ale _ El Tigre

One of my favorite outings was visiting Tigre, a town just outside Buenos Aires situated on the Paraná Delta, the world’s only river delta that does not empty into the sea but into another river, the Rio de la Plata. The Paraná river system is the second largest in South America after the Amazon, and the third largest in the Western Hemisphere after the Mississippi.

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre (5)

Tigre, named for jaguars that once prowled the area, is a hot tourist destination on the weekends. Joji, her mom Virginia, Ale and I were fortunate to visit mid-week and had the place to ourselves!

El Tigre

A nearly private boat or laucha, was our transportation – there were only two other guests, and one of them was napping!
Tigre (2)

A perfect way to idle the day away enjoying lunch at the wee onboard restaurant and knitting on top in the sun.

Tigre (1)

MJ & Joji _ El Tigre

We traveled a labyrinth of waterways, among several of the thousands of little islands that make up the delta. The islands closest to the mainland are dotted with beautiful little holiday homes, each one cuter than the last.

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre (6)

Tigre (7)

Virginia lived there at one point; looking at the map, she could pick out where, and Ale remembered her grandfather’s swimming route.


Further out the islands get wilder and less inhabited. If you live way upstream you can buy vegetables and other goods from boats that serve as shops.

It looked to me like a place to return to and stay a while. I always imagine which little house on stilts I’d choose. I’d have a fine time painting and knitting, and kayaking around the network of streams. I’m so sad I can’t find the map we got, with guest houses listed, where I will stay next time!

The mainland town of Tigre was originally organized as a port for fruit and timber exports. In the 20th-century belle époque it became an elite tourist destination. We visited the stunning, “are we in Disneyland?” Museo de Arte Tigre which is located in a former society social club built in 1912.

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre (4)

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre (1)

ArtMuseum_ El Tigre (3)

They have a nice collection of prominent 19th- and 20th-century Argentine artists, as well as a rotating contemporary art show.


There is a market where you can buy souvenirs as well as great plant shops. Joji got a lemon tree for her new patio!



I Traveled to Argentina

Thu 21 May 2015 05:05pm

Joji, MJ & Ale on the Patio

Joji, me and Ale on the new patio!

I traveled to Argentina to see my friends! And to meet new friends while serving as a group leader for Behind the Scenes Adventures Knitter’s Argentina and Uruguay.

The Family!!

A delicious meal with the family!

I arrived a few days before the group so I could spend time with Joji Locatelli. A knitwear designer extraordinaire and Buenos Aires native, Joji was my city guide, translator, mate instructor, taxi driver, knitting consultant, gaucho pants finder, inspiration and so much more! What an amazing lady…what an amazing friend…I can’t even begin…and her FAMILY!!!! The best, the sweetest!  I felt so welcome and loved that I didn’t want to leave and I can’t wait to return. I also can’t wait to return the favor – I want to show them my Maine!

Patio Planting

Joji’s patio plantings

I was away for over a month. Before heading below the equator, I flew to the west coast of the US to teach a Vogue Knitting Live. Upon my return I briefly visited friends in New York City and then taught at Kent Needle Arts Retreat in Connecticut. I’m still a little travel-charged – and words, particularly written words are not coming out as … poetically…as I might hope. So lets just look at some pretty pictures for the next few days!

UrbanSky La EsperanzaDeLos Asccura Charley
For a jumpstart and current events, check my instagram page.


Vogue Knitting Pasadena

Sat 02 May 2015 09:05pm

VKLivePasadenaPalm1 VKLivePasadenaPalm

Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena – palm trees, swimming pools and knitting. What perfect combination. A special treat, especially after the winter we had in the East.


Gorgeous student work – Beautiful location – Superb organization – Thank You Vogue Knitting!


Great energy – I made fantastic new friends and reunited with dear old friends.

TheLittleKnitteryWeavingClass TheLittleKnitteryMacrameOwl

I was especially lucky to be able to visit my friend Kat Coyle’s yarn shop The Little Knittery – a hive activity and creativity. Not only knitting and crochet, Kat offers basic weaving and macrame too.

Next time I’m in California, I stay longer – get a van…a van tricked out with a little salon for knitting, just like yarn rep Mona has – Then I’ll take a road-trip-knitting-tour of the Western States!

PS: Right now I’m in Argentina with Cynthia LeCount Samake’s Behind the Scenes Adventures “Knitter’s Argentina”. I’ll be posting as best I can, though I’m having computer problems…the new “Photos” program keeps crashing. Till I get that sorted out you can follow our trip on my Instagram feed, and also on facebook.

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Knitting Concentric Circles

Mon 06 Apr 2015 02:04pm

Concentric Circles

With National Poetry month on the brain, I started knitting concentric circles after reading a poem by Clifford Franklin Gessler. I started from the center on all of them. The stockinette yellow one began like an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl, doubling the number of stitches every fouth round. For the stockinette stitch blue one I was compelled to add spokes so I made paired yarn over increases each side of a single stitch at 7 evenly spaced points. With the garter stitch ones I increased every other round, after every garter ridge. Which is on the first round of a new color for the stripey ones. The first increase round  (k1 , m1) all the way around. For the second increase round  (k2, m1) and so on – one more stitch between make ones on each new increase round. I used a backward loop for the make one, so it would be the correct color and be kind of sneaky. I should have broken the yarn each time I introduced a new color and woven the ends in to make the garter ridges look more concentric. But I was lazy…and in real life they don’t look so bad…though they could all use a little more blocking. And funny thing I just noticed – the light blue one with the spokes, I have an extra yarn over in the second fancy increase round.

Concentric Circles

Cracks in broken windows
Thread out likes spokes from the center where a pebble,
or a bullet struck.
Cross and recross, and spread to the edge of the pane.
Ripples in still water or running water race out in concentric circles from the place where a stone or a body is thrown in.
Ice forms on pools in long thin slivers that knit slowly and close up the gaps till a hard, brittle floor is formed.
Fissures in stones spread slowly, and widen and deepen with the prying of frost.

Thoughts are like all these things

Clifford Franklin Gessler, from Poetry Magazine June 1921
found at

Yesterday I visited Scarborough beach and watched the beautiful crescent waves.

I brought a little picnic and some knitting, and I stayed a while.