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Stopover – New Sizes

Fri 29 Jan 2016 01:01pm


You asked for it and you got it! Stopover has been expanded! We have sizes from XS – 5XL!!!!

Woo Hoo!

Now you’ve got no excuse not to join the Mason-Dixon Knitting, #BangOutASweaterKAL starting on Monday…don’t fret if your yarn does not come at the crack of the starting gun…there’s plenty of conversations happening on their blog and Ravelry group to inform, enlighten and entertain!


Size XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL)

Finished Bust

32 (37, 40½, 44¼, 48, 51¾, 55½, 60¼, 64) in.
81.5 (94, 103, 112.5, 122, 131.5, 140.5, 153, 162.5) cm.
Plus!!!We have a fancy new sizing table and schematic included.


Stopover – Bang It Out – Mason-Dixon Style!

Mon 25 Jan 2016 12:01pm

Stopover Fun! filmed by Kathy Cadigan on the island of Unst, Shetland. 
Acting silly and leaping like a gazelle in Stopover.


Bang out a sweater in no time – that’s the plan.  Mason-Dixon Knitting is having a Knit-A-Long!  Yes Ma’am!

Kay figured out that you really can knit Stopover FAST!!!

Mason-Dixon is the Headquarters…so go there immediatly!! 

I would love to join in but I have a heap of other obligations…so although I have a basket full of Lettlopi that is beckoning and tempting me I must not succumb…though I really really want to….we shall see how strong my willpower is…In any case I’ll be pretend playing along and available the whole time for hand-holding and consultation…although Stopover is so simple you probably won’t need any.

Today I’ll tell you a little history!

 Left: Photographer Jeni Reid's Stopover for Wovember.
Right: Designer Kirsten Kapur's Long Weekend Stopover

When I decided to make the first Stopover I was headed to Shetland 5 days later, (see video above) and I remembered I should be wearing something I made in the pictures…It had to be light, because of packing and traveling, plus it was summer. An Icelandic Lopapeysa was the obvious choice – the yarn is light and lofty and weighs next to nothing! My mom bought one in Reykjavik way back in the 70s – and it was light as a feather! She wore this sweater to death, and it held up great, only needing a little mending at the cuffs after about 5 years, and if it weren’t for the dreaded moth problem at her house it would still be going strong. Almost the same sweater can be found in the Handkknitting Association of Iceland shops today, but at the usual denser regular Lopi  weight and gauge.

 Left: Kiki's Don't Stop (East Road Knits on Ravelry).
 Right Lori's Embellished Stopover (loritimesfive on Instagram)

I’m a gal that does not stick to the ball band suggestions. Yarn companies are in the business of selling yarn, so they want you to use as much as you can, smaller needles means you use more yarn. I make things based on what I want. I wanted to reproduce that super light fabric, so I used Lettlopi – what they call an aran weight – at the regular – bulky – Lopi gauge. Because of the qualities of Icelandic wool, it fluffs up and fills in the spaces, so the resulting fabric is full of air, and does not droop or sag like might happen with other yarns. I am sure there are other yarns that might substitute well, I remember a mohair blend when I worked at a yarn shop that I used the same trick with, knitting it at a way looser gauge than the ball band said…I’m a renegade from way back!

Light to pack and fast to knit, my rules. I got my Stopover  designed and finished before takeoff!

The KAL officially starts next Monday, February 1.

Ready steady GO!
Get thyself to Mason-Dixon Knitting!!!

PS: We had a KAL over on my Ravelry group last fall. You can check out some fabulous color combinations in the Finished Objects thread!

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Mon 11 Jan 2016 12:01pm


Thank you for your courage, beauty and brilliance Mr.Bowie.

On this morning of ending, Susan, wins a free pass for an event held in David Bowie’s adopted home. A 3 day pass to The Vogue Knitting Marketplace in Times Square is yours Susan. Contact me with your email info and I’ll pass it on to the organizers who will arrange it all for you. Congratulations.

Thanks for playing along everyone, and sharing your New York Moments. Go in and read them all. I have to say Susan’s was the sweetest:
It has to be when we took the kids to the American Museum of Natural History and my then-four year old son took off running and yelling “Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum!” as soon as he spotted the Easter Island head replica. He was a little thing, running from one end of the gallery to the other with unbridled excitement at seeing something he recognized from Night at the Museum. Even the museum docent smiled and laughed.

Shannon’s took me right back to The Plaza:
Once I went with my parents to the Plaza Hotel for tea. We had tea and a few sandwiches and the bill was over a hundred dollars! My dad said, “We’re never coming back to the Palm Court!”

And Beth, I can smell the chestnuts!:
I lived in Manhattan when I was a child for 4 years. So many memories, but Saturday trips to the museum of Natural History and eating roasted chestnuts is on the top of the list.

Sheila and Leah were there at the time I was living there:
I lived in NYC in the scary early ’80s. Loved wandering the aisles of the Strand Bookstore. Would love to win and live my NY dream again!

Visiting NYC at the end of the 80s as a young university student … staying with a friend in HIS friend’s drafty, under-construction apartment up by Columbia. It had holes in the bathroom walls, a mattress on the floor, and a boombox with only one tape: Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home. I ate more $1 slices of pizza than I thought possible and gave away every last bit of change to the folks who walked between the cars of the subway begging for it. We skated in Central Park and walked up and down Broadway, for miles, fueled by pizza and youth. It was magical.

The NYC I remember well.

And special thanks Kim for making me laugh out loud with my favorite…a NY moment that is … perfect! Am I crazy for loving this about the city too?

So many NY moments over many years! Some heartwarming, some awful, some hilarious. This one is hilarious but also awful: I was on the subway platform and guy#1 walks over to guy#2 and says” hey do you know what time it is?” Guy#2 doesn’t even look at guy#1. He just says “FUCK OFF!”

One of my favorite New York Moments? I was lucky enough to see David Bowie on Broadway when he was starring in The Elephant Man. Amazing amazing amazing.

I hope to see you in NY! Grab me and say “Hi”. I’ll be in a stupor probably but don’t let that stop you.

Let’s do it up! After all, “New York’s a go go, and everything tastes right”!

Rock on – sparkle and shine!
David Bowie

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Vogue Knitting NYC 2016 – Win!!!

Thu 07 Jan 2016 04:01pm


Photos: Empire State Building by Martha Nishida, Fair Isle Sampler Hat by Chris Hartlove, Fair Isle Vest by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Stopover by Kathy Cadigan, all others by me!

You’ve got a chance to win a 3 day Marketplace Pass for Vogue Knitting Live NYC. Just leave a comment below, telling us your favorite New York moment! You’ve got until 10am Eastern Time, on Monday morning January 11. I’ll randomly pick a winner. You’ll then send me your email and I’ll send the pass and the details. The lucky winner is responsible for getting themselves to the event.

VKLive really know how to put on a great show. The lobby is full of knitted art and the Marketplace itself is a wonder, full of amazing vendors. You won’t want to miss it if you happen to be in town. Check out the information here.

Although many of my classes are sold out, there are still some spots open in

Making it Up: Designing Fair Isle Hats - Friday the 15th from 9-12

This is a design class, for folks with some experience with fair isle knitting. Hats are a great way to begin designing with Fair Isle Motifs. I’ll provide a basic hat pattern which you can customize in endless ways. You might sketch some ideas that you have and I’ll help you figure out how to make them work. But don’t be afraid to come in with no idea at all. We’ll work fast and furiously and although you won’t finish a hat, you’ll leave with the skills to finish your very own fair isle design.

3 Essential Methods for Shaping in Fair Isle – Sunday the 17th from 9-12

Hmmm…today that title seems like what we have to do when on the island of Fair Isle…but we’ll be in NYC learning some tried and true ways to shape our stranded colorwork garments.
We’re going to work on a swatch to experiment with three main ways and discuss other ideas and options. Again, we’ll be knitting a lot…which is the fun of it all right?

Fair Isle Socks – Sunday the 17th 2-5

Ok, I’m partial to Fair Isle socks, and I’ve got a clever way to make knitting them easy. We’re going to make some darling wee socks to test out the system, and you’ll leave with the skills to make your own adult pair. I love this class. Well I guess I just love handknit socks!

Read more about my classes and all the others offered here.

Now….share with us your favorite New York Moment.